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HomeWorldWATCH suspected drug cartel plane SET ON FIRE after being forced to land in Mexico

WATCH suspected drug cartel plane SET ON FIRE after being forced to land in Mexico

WATCH suspected drug cartel plane SET ON FIRE after being forced to land in Mexico

Mexican authorities scrambled fighter jets to hunt down a suspected drug cartel plane, but found it aflame on a jungle highway in the Yucatan. A truck packed with $4.9 million of cocaine was discovered nearby.

The jet arrived from South America on Sunday and was tracked as soon as it entered Mexican airspace. With military planes on an intercept course, the drug smugglers reportedly made an emergency landing on the jungle road and then torched the plane. A high ranking Quintana Roo state police official shared footage of the flaming aircraft from the scene.

Así se incendió esta mañana de domingo un #narcojet que aterrizó en el tramo Chunhuhub-José María Morelos, #QuintanaRoo. pic.twitter.com/BfnPmGJYKR

— Desde Peninsula (@DesdePeninsula) July 5, 2020

07:50 horas en el tramo carretero Chunhuhub – José María Morelos en el Kilómetro 61, sobre la carretera una aeronave incendiándose. Evite la zona por favor. pic.twitter.com/pF90AvZh91

— Alberto Capella (@kpya) July 5, 2020

La matrícula de la aeronave aparentemente es XB-RCM y podría estar relacionada con actividades ilícitas. Autoridades federales atendiendo la investigación. pic.twitter.com/VcjWywriOe

— Alberto Capella (@kpya) July 5, 2020

The two air force jets tracked the plane and confirmed its landing site and coordinated helicopter cavalry troop deployments to the area to secure the aircraft and hunt down its crew.

A truck packed with 850 pounds (390kg) of cocaine (an estimated $4.9 million worth) was found nearby.

Mexican broadcaster Milenio claimed that the plane had arrived from Maracaibo, Venezuela, but there has not yet been any official confirmation from authorities in Caracas confirming these reports. No arrests have been made, though the investigation is ongoing. 

The plane is reportedly a decades-old BAe-125 15-seat passenger jet which can cost up to $1 million. This loss, in combination with the massive drug seizure, would have a “significant impact on the criminal organizations” involved, the Mexican military said in a statement.

#Comunicado Ejército y Fuerza Aérea Mexicanos aseguraron una aeronave, un vehículo y probable droga en el estado de Quintana Roo. https://t.co/tkDxs6w1Xh pic.twitter.com/r3x18pt9aU

— @SEDENAmx (@SEDENAmx) July 6, 2020

The news comes amid escalating cartel violence in the country, most recently involving a gun assault on a drug rehab clinic in which at least 24 people were killed.

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FILE PHOTO: Mexican National Guard soldiers protect a crime scene, June 3, 2020.
At least 24 killed in armed attack on Mexican drug rehab clinic

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