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Maradona funeral SUSPENDED as crowds of mourners attempt to enter government palace (VIDEOS)

Maradona funeral SUSPENDED as crowds of mourners attempt to enter government palace (VIDEOS)

Thousands have flocked to Buenos Aires to pay respects to football legend Diego Armando Maradona, who died Wednesday at the age of 60, but the influx of people to the presidential palace has caused officials to suspend the event.

Footage showed many thousands of people descending on the Argentinian capital to honor the late football great. But the mass gathering not only led to health concerns amid the Covid-19 pandemic, but also raised red flags over public safety.

Thousands of Argentines stand in tightly-packed lines to attend Diego Maradona’s funeral service at the Casa Rosada presidential palace in downtown Buenos Aires, with officials facing growing criticism for keeping schools closed due to COVID-19. pic.twitter.com/uYQT5L44Ho

— Gabriel Burin (@GabrielBurin) November 26, 2020

Police were mobilised to help contain the massive crowd as more and more attempted to enter Casa Rosada, the official residence of the president where Maradona’s casket was being kept. As fans attempted to enter the government palace, erected fences were destroyed and multiple scuffles broke out with police. The crowd reportedly grew anxious when it was announced the ceremony would end early. 

La imagen del día, señores. La Casa Rosada usurpada.👇👊 pic.twitter.com/7s4ZE1hnJa

— Diego Álzaga Unzué (@atlanticsurff) November 26, 2020

Footage from the scene shows police trying to hold people back with riot shields as projectiles are thrown at them. Rubber bullets and tear gas have also been deployed. 

#Argentina: Right now, clash between the police and the fans of #DiegoMaradona during the farewell to their idol outside the Casa Rosada, the government palace.#MaradonaEterno #Maradona10 #CasaRosada

Video: @MicaCannataro pic.twitter.com/jrBlE0epzV

— xinirim (@PersonalEscrito) November 26, 2020

VIDEO El adiós a Maradona. Así se vivía desde afuera de Casa Rosada: pic.twitter.com/2BIU10LAzs

— Diario Río Negro (@rionegrocomar) November 26, 2020

An RT Spanish crew suffered light injuries while covering the event after getting caught in the crossfire between unidentified stone-throwers and rubber bullet-firing police.

Maradona’s body is now reportedly being transferred to the Jardin Bella Vista cemetery.

VIDEO | Trasladan el cuerpo de Diego Maradona al cementerio en medio de un gran operativo de seguridad. Van hacia el cementerio de Bella Vista. Los incidentes precipitaron el final del velorio en la casa Rosada. La nota: https://t.co/2zJkl6vMbx pic.twitter.com/J17CKmDcVT

— Diario Río Negro (@rionegrocomar) November 26, 2020

Maradona passed away on Wednesday from cardiac arrest at the age of 60. He was recovering from brain surgery, which he has undergone two weeks prior to his death.

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