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HomeWorldFrench riot police remove HELMETS as crowd cheers at Paris protest against new security bill (VIDEO)

French riot police remove HELMETS as crowd cheers at Paris protest against new security bill (VIDEO)

French riot police remove HELMETS as crowd cheers at Paris protest against new security bill (VIDEO)

Police officers were pictured taking off their helmets to cheers from the crowd at an overnight protest in Paris sparked by the so-called Global Security Bill, which makes it illegal to distribute pictures of law enforcement.

The symbolic gesture was met with applause from the demonstrators, footage from the scene shows. Multiple officers removed their helmets, putting on soft service hats instead.

Un cordon de gendarmes enlève les casques pour remettre les calots sous les applaudissements des manifestants et quelques insultes, mais pas toutes les unités. Certains gendarmes et tous les CRS gardent les casques. #21novembre #Article24 #paris #StopLoiSecuriteGlobale pic.twitter.com/jshixsr9JH

— actu Paris (@actufrparis) November 21, 2020

Other police and gendarmerie officers, however, were not that cooperative and refused to take off their helmets. Some were seen pushing aggressively against the crowd and reporters, refusing to be filmed.

🔴 Les gendarmes repoussent les derniers manifestants présents y compris les journalistes. Dont notre journaliste malgré sa carte de presse, poussé à trois reprises par un gendarme refusant d’être filmé. #21novembre #Article24 #paris #StopLoiSecuriteGlobale #PPLLoiSecuriteGlobale pic.twitter.com/Fh01hexAhI

— actu Paris (@actufrparis) November 21, 2020

Another powerful scene occurred when police deployed a water cannon truck against the protesters. The large machine was confronted by a lone wheelchair-bound protester, and the police were apparently hesitant to remove him from the truck’s path. However, he ultimately backed down on his own.

🔴 Un homme handicapé empêche la police d’utiliser le canon à eau sur les manifestants. Un commissaire lui parle, il ne bouge pas. #21novembre #Article24 #paris #StopLoiSecuriteGlobale #PPLLoiSecuriteGlobale pic.twitter.com/EnhkOPmQCd

— actu Paris (@actufrparis) November 21, 2020

The protest, held at the Trocadero Square near the Eiffel Tower, was organized by Amnesty International, Reporters without Borders and other rights groups and journalist unions. The gathering was largely peaceful, yet after dark some protesters got rowdy and set various objects on fire, invoking a police response. A total of 23 people were arrested and a police officer was slightly injured during the scuffles, Paris police said.

The Global Security Bill, pushed forward by the French government, was passed by the National Assembly on Friday and is expected to be approved by the Senate next week. Among other things, it criminalizes the distribution of images of law enforcement, both by the media and the public. Violation of this new rule could result in a hefty fine of up to €45,000 (around $53,400) or a one-year prison sentence.

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While the legislation came under a storm of criticism as a gross violation of freedom of speech, the French government insisted it was needed to protect the officers from images shared with a clear intent to “harm” them.

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