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Don’t be ‘embarrassing’: Czech Republic’s President Zeman suggests Trump should concede

Don’t be ‘embarrassing’: Czech Republic’s President Zeman suggests Trump should concede

The best thing US President Donald Trump could do in the wake of the recent elections is to concede defeat and not to “embarrass” himself, Czech President Milos Zeman said while not having high hopes for Joe Biden either.

“I personally believe that it would be much more reasonable to give up, not to be embarrassing, and allow the new president to take office,” Zeman told the Parlamentni listy news outlet when asked about his take on the US president’s potentially best course of action following the November vote.

Zeman was one of the few European leaders who spoke favorably of Trump before his election victory back in 2016. The Czech president, who is known for his controversial statements, also supported the US leader on a number of occasions, including Washington’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

On November 7, Zeman congratulated Trump’s Democratic rival Joe Biden on his election win, adding that his success is a reflection of “a call of the American citizens for change.”

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Still, the Czech president apparently is in no rush to pin high hopes on the prospective US leader.Speaking to Parlamentni listy, Zeman said one would need to wait at least half a year or a full year to be able to judge whether Biden’s presidency would improve relations between the US and Europe. “What you say before the election is not always the same to what you say and do after the vote,” he said.

Trump has so far refused to admit his defeat, repeatedly claiming widespread voter fraud in the race. His campaign also filed a flurry of lawsuits across several battleground states, where the margin between the two candidates has been particularly small. So far, he is yet to see any major positive outcomes.

The result of the elections has not been formally announced yet but a number of media outlets declared Biden the winner. The Democratic candidate received messages of congratulations from European leaders Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, as well as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, among others.

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