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Yahoo Mail login: How to sign in to my email account and how to change my password?

Yahoo Mail login: How to sign in to my email account and how to change my password?

YAHOO continues to be one the world’s most used email providers, along with Outlook and Gmail.

The California-based company have a number of services across the web including a search engine and news outlet – and their Yahoo Mail system has over 200 million active users, according to 2019 figures.

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Yahoo Mail is considered among the top five most popular email providers[/caption]

How can I login to my Yahoo Mail account?

From the start, there are already a range of options to sign into your account.

You don’t just have to provide your email address, you can give your username – the part before @yahoo.com – or your mobile phone number if you have added it to your account.

Unlike username and email address, to log in with your phone number, you will need to request a code be sent to your phone to log in.

Once logged in, you can add extra security measures to ensure your account is as secure as possible.

The security key requires you to purchase a USB key to plug into your laptop, which will allow you to sign in with a fingerprint or with a separate code.

Yahoo also have another verification method called Yahoo Account Key – you will need to download a Yahoo app, like Mail, and in your settings, enable the Account Key.

This means that every time you try to log in, instead of needing to provide a password, you will get an alert on your phone whether to accept or decline the attempt.

You can also set up your Yahoo account on third-party apps such as Outlook on desktop and mobile, and Android and iPhone email apps.

From there, you can use a single-use app password that you would find in Account Settings to log in.


There is a number of ways you can log in and change your password on Yahoo including via their phone apps[/caption]

How can I change my password?

Many of us have forgotten our password, whether you are suddenly asked to verify your identity, or you just have something different from your Amazon, Netflix or social media accounts.

Yet, for email accounts, it can be slightly different, as for Yahoo, enter your email address or username as if to login normally.

Once you are asked to type in your password, click the “Forgotten password?” button – which will give you some options, depending what capabilities you have enabled.

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You can select your mobile phone number – where you will receive a code to enter – or you may have a recovery email address set up.

There may also be the option of verification via phone app, such as the Yahoo Account Key through one of their applications like Yahoo Mail.

Choose one of these, change your password and then login as normal.