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Weirdest and wackiest Google search suggestions for celebrities revealed

Weirdest and wackiest Google search suggestions for celebrities revealed

GOOGLE may have all the answers – but it’s also the place to find some of the weirdest and wackiest questions.

When you start typing a query into the search bar, Google tries to be helpful by suggesting what you might be looking for, and finishes your sentence for you.

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According to Google search, most people want to know if Holly Willoughby is blonde[/caption]


Apparently the most pressing question when it comes to Marcus Rashford is whether or not he’s been knighted[/caption]

It does it by referring back to the questions – wise or stupid – that people worldwide have previously asked the search engine.

Sarah Grealish typed in some star names – and was bam-boozled by Google’s suggested questions, inspired by punters.

Fans also want to know where the This Morning presenter was born
Aside from wanting to know if he was knighted, people want to know if the footballer has a child and siblings

Is Clare Balding . . . related to the Queen?

Is Daisy Edgar-Jones . . .  blind?

Is Bradley Walsh . . . a qualified midwife?

Can Gordon Ramsay . . .  bake?

Will Prince Philip . . .  get a letter from the Queen?

Can the Queen . . .  eat swans?

Can Wayne Rooney . . .  tap dance?

Can Robert Pattinson . . .  bulk up?

Can Jeremy Clarkson . . .  drive?

Has Daniel Radcliffe . . . read Harry Potter?

Can Phillip Schofield . . . do yoga?

Is the Pope . . .  a king?

Are Dwayne Johnson . . . and The Rock the same person?

Can Ed Sheeran . . .  ski?

Is Bella Hadid . . .  nice?

People want to know if the Queen can speak french and eat swans
Gordon Ramsay’s fans frequently ask if he can speak french, bake and sing

Can Tom Daley . . .  swim?

Has Marcus Rashford . . . been knighted?

Is Rachel Riley . . . good at maths?

Will David Beckham . . .  appear in Peaky Blinders?

Is Holly Willoughby . . .  blonde?

Is Stacey Solomon . . .  OK?

Can Barack Obama . . .  dunk?

Can Ross Kemp . . .  fight?

Can Sir David Attenborough . . .  die?

Can Peter Andre . . .  draw?

Is Katie Price . . .  real or a character?

Can Colin Firth . . .  ride a motorcycle?

Is James Blunt . . .  posh?

Can Princess Beatrice . . .  sing?

Can Prince George . . .  wear pants?

Is Lance Armstrong . . .  related to Neil Armstrong?

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Is Gemma Collins . . .  a Tory?

Is Noel Fielding . . .  a vampire?

Are Jedward . . .  related?

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