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Stunning 3D face of ‘jawless’ Stone Age man whose head was found on a SPIKE revealed

Stunning 3D face of ‘jawless’ Stone Age man whose head was found on a SPIKE revealed

THE FACE of a Stone Age man whose skull was found on a stake in a watery grave has been reconstructed.

The skull was found in what used to be a small lake in Sweden back in 2012 but this is our first glimpse of what the man looked like 8,000 years ago.

Oscar Nilsson

This is what the Stone Age man could have looked like[/caption]

What remained of his decapitated head was found with the remains of at least 10 other Stone Age adults and an infant.

Only one of the adults had a jaw and two of the skulls were placed on spikes intended to stick out above the surface of the lake.

One of the skulls without a jaw was used for the 3D facial reconstruction.

Oscar Nilsson, a forensic artist based in Sweden, created the fascinating example of a Stone Age man.

The reconstruction was based on this skull
Oscar Nilsson

His tendons were also reconstructed[/caption]

He used the skull and its anatomical and genetic information to create the bust.

The end result is a brown haired, blue eyed, pale man in his 50s with an impressive beard.

Nilsson took a CT scan of the skull and then had a replica made so he didn’t damage the original.

Nilsson told Live Science: “In this case, there was no jaw. So, the first thing to reconstruct was his jaw.”

Oscar Nilsson

He was given blue eyes[/caption]

Oscar Nilsson

It’s thought that he was around 50 when he died[/caption]

The jaws of brown bears, wild boars, deers and moose were found in the grave so Nilsson let that inspire the man’s wardrobe and hair.

Nilsson told Live Science: “He wears the skin from a wild boar.

“We can see from how the human skulls and animal jaws were found that they clearly meant a big deal in their cultural and religious beliefs.”

This is an artists impression of how the Stone Age man may have lived

He was also give short hair with a wisp at the back like a pig’s tail.

The short hair also showed off a a 1-inch-long wound in the man’s head.

This head injury showed signs of healing though and wasn’t the one that killed him.

Chalk decorating the man’s neck was based on Indigenous groups using chalk today and is more a bit of artistic licence than a fact.

Nilson explained to Live Science: “We have no reason to believe these people were less interested in their looks, and to express their individuality, than we are today.”

A timeline of life on Earth

The history of the planet in years…

  • 4.6billion years ago – the origin of Earth
  • 3.8billion years ago – first life appears on Earth
  • 2.1billion years ago – lifeforms made up of multiple cells evolve
  • 1.5billion years ago – eukaryotes, which are cells that contain a nucleus inside of their membranes, emerge
  • 550million years ago – first arthropods evolve
  • 530million years ago – first fish appear
  • 470million years ago – first land plants appear
  • 380million years ago – forests emerge on Earth
  • 370million years ago – first amphibians emerge from the water onto land
  • 320million years ago – earliest reptiles evolve
  • 230million years ago – dinosaurs evolve
  • 200million years ago – mammals appear
  • 150million years ago – earliest birds evolve
  • 130million years ago – first flowering plants
  • 100million years ago – earliest bees
  • 55million years ago – hares and rabbits appear
  • 30million years ago – first cats evolve
  • 20million years ago – great apes evolve
  • 7million years ago –first human ancestors appear
  • 2million years ago – Homo erectus appears
  • 300,000 years ago – Homo sapiens evolves
  • 50,000 years ago – Eurasia and Oceania colonised
  • 40,000 years ago – Neandethal extinction

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