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Spotify Duo gets you TWO memberships for £12.99 – saving you £7 a month

Spotify Duo gets you TWO memberships for £12.99 – saving you £7 a month

SPOTIFY has launched a new plan for couples, siblings or parents and children – and it’s called Premium Duo.

The plan lets two people get Spotify memberships for £12.99.


You can now have a joint Spotify membership with another person for £12.99[/caption]

Normally that would cost you £9.99 per membership, or £19.98.

So the offer saves you around £7 a month, with no obvious downside other than the time you spend setting it up.

You’ll need to live in the same household as your partner, so this isn’t a deal for long-distance lovers.

And there’s an added bonus: the Duo Mix playlist.


You’ll need to live at the same address as your Spotify partner[/caption]

It’s a regularly updated and curated list of songs that both subscribers are likely to “love and enjoy”.

The Premium Duo membership gets you all the perks of Spotify Premium.

That includes ad-free listening, on-demand music for any song in the 50million-strong catalogue, and access to more than one million podcast titles.

“Today we are proud to launch Spotify Premium Duo, a first-of-its-kind audio offering for just two people in the same household,” said Spotify’s Alex Norström.

“Premium Duo includes our extensive music and podcast catalogue, and everything users love about Spotify Premium.

“With two individual Premium accounts, you can both listen independently, uninterrupted and get all of your personalised playlists and features tailored just for you.

“We are thrilled to bring this unique Spotify Premium plan to even more markets around the world.”

So what do you need to know?

For a start, you’ll need to live at the same address as your Duo partner to be eligible.

It’s not clear how Spotify will enforce this, but you’ll likely breach the terms of service if you sign up fraudulently with someone from another household.

Anyone who hasn’t tried Premium before will be eligible to get their first month of Premium Duo for free.

If you’re an existing Premium subscriber, you can go to your account page and change your subscription.

Upgrading to the Premium Duo membership lets you keep your existing accounts.

That means you’ll hold on to your saved music, podcasts, playlists and Spotify recommendations.

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