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New Apple One subscription ‘about to launch’ with Apple Music, TV+ and Gaming in war on Netflix, Spotify and Amazon

New Apple One subscription ‘about to launch’ with Apple Music, TV+ and Gaming in war on Netflix, Spotify and Amazon

APPLE is planning to bundle payments for iCloud, Apple Music and its other services into a new subscription model, according to reports.

The rumoured shake-up would see users pay a single monthly fee for the US firm’s various apps rather than shelling out for each of them separately.


Apple services like iCloud and TV+ could soon be bundled together into a single subscription service[/caption]

Known internally as Apple One, the bundles are launching with the new iPhone in October, sources told Bloomberg.

As well as being more convenient for customers, the California firm hopes the packages will encourage users to subscribe to more Apple services.

According to Bloomberg, a number of different tiers will be available at varying prices.

The basic package will lump together Spotify-rival Apple Music and Netflix-style app Apple TV+, while a more expensive option will add Apple Arcade, the firm’s video game subscription service.


Apple’s cloud storage service, iCloud, will be one of the services bundled into new subscription models referred to by staff as Apple One[/caption]

The next tier will feature Apple News+ – which provides access to pay-walled news sites for a monthly fee – while a further upgrade will grant customers access to extra storage with Apple’s cloud storage service, iCloud.

An extra, as-yet unseen fitness app will allegedly also be bundled in with the pricer tiers.

Apple One is aimed at families, and up to six people will have access to each service through Apple’s Family Sharing system, Bloomberg reports.

Bundling subscription services together will be cheaper than buying them individually.


Users could save more than 10 per cent by bundling their Apple services together[/caption]

Bloomberg said: “For example, if a family subscribes today to all of Apple’s major services plus the highest iCloud storage tier, that would cost about $45 a month.

“A new bundle could knock more than $5 off that.”

No specifics on pricing or availability were given in the report.

Apparently, the bundles will launch in early October, when Apple is expected to unveil its latest range of iPhones.

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Tying together subscriptions is a tactic championed by rivals like Amazon with its Prime subscription service.

A £79-a-year Prime subscription gets customers free one-day delivery on shopping items, access to Amazon Prime Video, and more.

A move to a bundled subscription model may help Apple catch up to rival services built by the likes of Netflix and Spotify.

Apple has ploughed boatloads of cash into Apple Music and Apple TV+ but has not seen anywhere near the uptake of its biggest competitors.

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