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Netflix’s new Shuffle button chooses what to watch for you – so you don’t waste time scrolling

Netflix’s new Shuffle button chooses what to watch for you – so you don’t waste time scrolling

YOUR Netflix home-screen may have a new “Shuffle Play” button.

It means you can let Netflix decide what you want to watch – saving you the time-wasting agony of searching for something yourself.


Choosing something to watch on Netflix can be tough[/caption]

We’ve all lost chunks of an evening hunting for the perfect movie or TV show to stick on.

That’s no surprise: Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Video offer up huge catalogues of content to devour.

Now Netflix is trialling a shuffle option that spins the wheel on your next binge-watch.

The new button appears in the left-hand menu on the TV app, between Home and Latest.


Netflix users have been sharing screengrabs of the feature to Twitter[/caption]

It’s called “Play Something” and will select a TV show or movie for you to watch, with zero manual input from you.

Reports suggest that it’s not entirely random, and will still make selections based on content you already enjoy.

Netflix has actually been testing this feature since July, and it hasn’t gone away yet.

It seems as though more people than ever are getting the chance to try it out.

However, it currently appears that the feature is only available on televisions.

Netflix recommended TVs

Panasonic HX750

  • HX800
  • HX810
  • HX820
  • HX830
  • HX850
  • HX880
  • HX900
  • HX940
  • HX970 series

Samsung QLED 8K / QLED 4K / Lifestyle TVs

  • Q950TS
  • Q900TS
  • Q800T
  • Q90T
  • Q80T
  • Q70T
  • The Frame
  • The Serif


  • X80H(XH80)
  • XH81
  • X95H(XH95)
  • Z8H(ZH8)
  • Z9H series
  • A8H(A8) / A9S(A9) series

We aren’t seeing reports of the feature on mobile or tablets yet.

But it’s likely that if Netflix thinks the feature works, it will be rolled out to Netflix on all platforms.

Netflix regularly tests new features to see if they work as intended and actually improve your experience.

However, not all new features make the cut – and some might be scrapped before ever rolling out to all users.

Some features may also be kept in testing for extended periods of time, until Netflix is happy with them.

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What new features would you like to see added to Netflix? Let us know in the comments!

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