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How to tell if someone has been snooping on your iPhone in seconds

How to tell if someone has been snooping on your iPhone in seconds

THINK someone is snooping on your iPhone? There are ways to catch them out.

If you’re suspicious about someone in your household, workplace or elsewhere, you’ll want to find out sharpish.


Your app carousel can reveal whether anyone is snooping on you[/caption]

The first thing to note is that there’s no fool-proof way to check someone has been snooping on you.

If the snooper is very tech-savvy, it’s likely they’ll erase any clues that they’ve been checking up on you.

But there are a few ways to catching someone out.

First, check your app carousel.

The Sun / Apple

Check your Screen Time charts for any inconsistencies with your own iPhone usage[/caption]

This can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom edge of the phone and pausing in the centre of the screen on an iPhone with Face ID.

Alternatively, just double click the Home button if your iPhone has one.

This carousel shows apps in chronological order, based on when they were most recently used.

So if you know you were playing Fortnite the last time you opened your phone, and the most recent app is WhatsApp, you know something is up.

Of course, a savvy iPhone snooper could check your app order first, and make sure they leave everything in the correct place.

Another option of catching someone out is to check your iPhone’s Screen Time records.

Go to Settings and then Screen Time, and then click See All Activity.

Switch the tap at the top to Day, and you’ll be able to see a timeline of when you were using apps.

So if you weren’t on your phone at 11am, but the Screen Time shows you were using Instagram at that time, then something may be afoot.

There are other more common ways of checking for snoopers.

You can check your internet history on a web browser.

Or you could look if WhatsApp messages have been read without you yourself having viewed them.


Make sure to set proper security locks on your iPhone to shut out snoopers[/caption]

Usually the best advice is to remember how you left your iPhone, so you’ll notice any changes.

In any case, it’s important to have good cyber-security practices.

That means ensure you’ve got a passcode on your lockscreen.

Also, consider adding a separate passcode for WhatsApp, which can be done through the app’s own settings.

Don’t leave your device unguarded, especially in public places.

And consider deleting sensitive conversations after you’ve had them, especially if you’ve sent a family member your card details – or given your home address to a friend.

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