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How to restart my Sky broadband router?

How to restart my Sky broadband router?

WANT to reset your Sky Broadband router? It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

Thousands of Sky Broadband users have found themselves struggling to get online this morning – so resetting your router may be an option.


Sky Broadband doesn’t always work smoothly – and rebooting your router might be a good option[/caption]

There are two main ways of resetting your router.

The first is to simply reboot it, which is a matter of turning it off and on again.

This is often one of the quickest and easiest ways to resolve WiFi issues.

Simply unplug the router, wait for about 30 seconds, and then plug back in.

You can also press the reboot button on the back of the hub.

It’ll take a minute or two for your router to start working again, so don’t panic if you don’t have any success immediately.

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The other option is to perform a proper reset, which will return your router to factory settings.

This can cause issues, especially if you don’t know how to set a router up again.

We’d advise against this as a way of resolving WiFi issues unless you’re tech-savvy.

To do this, you need to hold the reset button down until the power light flashes four times.

However, this will erase all of your settings – so we would recommend avoiding this method.

If you’re having connection issues, you can also try Sky’s online diagnostic tool.

You can find there here:

If you’re having persistent issues, it’s worth contacting Sky directly for support.

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