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How to delete a Facebook Group in seconds

How to delete a Facebook Group in seconds

WANT to delete a Facebook Group? It’s possible – but only with a very strange method.

There’s no delete button, so read on to find out how to permanently get rid of a Group.


Facebook Groups are great, until they’re not – so it might be time to delete yours[/caption]

Facebook Groups – the hidden catches

The first thing to note is that you need to be an admin on the Group to delete it.

There’s no way to delete someone else’s Facebook Group, without hijacking their account – which we don’t recommend.

So if you take significant opposition to a Group, you could report it instead. But it won’t be taken down unless Facebook decides it breaks one of the app’s rules.

Deleting a Group involves removing all members – that’s the trigger for Facebook to cull it.

That means you’ll have to manually kick out all members from the Group.

It’s important to note that you can’t delete the Group unless the original creator chooses to leave it.

How to delete a Facebook Group

To delete a Group you admin, go to the News Feed.

Then click on Groups in the left-hand menu.

Choose your Group from the Groups You Manage list.

Alternatively, find it by searching for it.

Next, click Members below the name of the Group.

Then click the three dots to each member’s name, and choose Remove Member.

Then click Confirm.

Once all members are removed, click the three dots next to your own name, and choose Leave Group.

Then click Leave Group, and the Group will be gone.

Members aren’t notified when you delete a Group.

And it’s no longer possible to archive a Group.

If you don’t like a Group, you could simply leave it – and let the other members carry on without you.

Full Group Deletion is final, and can’t be reversed.


Deleting your Group might not be necessary – there are ways to fix problems using Facebook Support[/caption]

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