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Hotmail login: How to sign into my Outlook email account and where can I change my password?

Hotmail login: How to sign into my Outlook email account and where can I change my password?

MICROSOFT’S Outlook is one of the most popular email systems in the world, after gaining popularity under its previous guise, Hotmail.

It changed to its new look in 2012, with upgrades seeing the likes of OneDrive, Microsoft Office Online and Calendar added to the much-loved email.


Popular email provider Outlook.com was previously known as Hotmail before rebranding in 2012[/caption]

How can I sign in to my Hotmail account?

With an increased number of hackers in recent years, security and protecting your emails have become paramount.

Now there is a multitude of ways to login to your email account, including the usual password system.

Upon visiting outlook.com, you can click through to sign in, you can enter your email address and password as many still do.

Yet, Outlook has some other login options, including via the Microsoft Authenticator app, with Windows Hello or a security key.

These would require you to already have account before setting up.

You will need to download the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone by typing aka.ms/authapp into your browser.

From there, you will need to login to your account, verify it is you, and then you will be able to use a code – that changes every 30 seconds – to log in.

With Windows Hello, you can login by registering your face, a fingerprint or PIN.


Windows Hello allows you to login to your Windows computer and email account with your face, fingerprint or a PIN[/caption]

Meanwhile, a security key is similar in that it requires a fingerprint or a PIN, but it is a physical device like a USB key that you plug into your computer or an NFC key for an NFC reader.

The final sign-in option is via GitHub – a software development platform used by developers – but this will only allow you to login to personal accounts.

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How can I change my Outlook password?

It has happened to us all – you have different passwords for a range of accounts from Facebook and Twitter to Netflix and Amazon and you forget one.

Like most other websites, you will find “Forgotten your password?”, which will require you to provide a form of contact for verification.

Yet, normally this would be your personal email account, meaning you will need to have set up either a secondary email address or a phone number.

This will then send a code for you to enter to allow you to create a new password.