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Genius iPhone trick lets you listen to YouTube music while doing other things

Genius iPhone trick lets you listen to YouTube music while doing other things

WANT to play music on YouTube while browsing your iPhone? It’s finally possible thanks to the latest update.

With iOS 14, you can enable a picture-in-picture mode – letting you watch and listen to videos as you go.


Picture-in-picture works with regular videos as well as FaceTime[/caption]

It means you don’t even need to have the full YouTube app open.

And you don’t need to sign up to YouTube Premium either, which would normally be required for such a feat.

YouTube is hugely popular with music lovers.

But iPhone owners often struggle with the fact that you can’t listen to music without keeping the YouTube app open.


The feature also works on your iPad[/caption]

That’s all changed in the latest iOS 14 update for your iPhone, which you can install right now.

There’s a new picture-in-picture mode that lets you keep a small video panel on your screen, while you browse other content.

Sadly, this doesn’t yet work with the official YouTube app.

But it does work with the YouTube website if you’re using Google Chrome or Safari.

The floating window can be moved around so it doesn’t get in the way.

And you don’t need to pay for a special YouTube Premium account either.

How to use picture-in-picture

First make sure you’ve updated to iOS 14.

To check, go to Settings > General > Software Update and see what version you’re on.

Update to the latest version of iOS 14 if you have any installations pending.

Next, go to YouTube in your Safari web browser and start playing a video.

You can then tap the new picture-in-picture icon to create a floating window.

Now you can browse your iPhone as you would normally, while the video or music continues playing.

The floating window can be moved and resized for your convenience, too.

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