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Fury as Xbox Series X buyers told their Amazon pre-orders could arrive AFTER Christmas

Fury as Xbox Series X buyers told their Amazon pre-orders could arrive AFTER Christmas

AMAZON users in the UK may not be receiving their Xbox Series X orders before Christmas, leaving many very angry.

A number of customers who had pre-ordered the console before yesterday’s launch were sent emails to say their orders would be delayed until some time in “the coming weeks”.

:/ pic.twitter.com/jKtQwLUXJU

— Adam Taylor (@EposVox) November 9, 2020

No more scripted answers, why hasn’t our Xbox Series X consoles shipped? Those who preordered deserve answers @Amazon @JeffBezos

— Master Chief (@MCxCortana) November 9, 2020

Infuriated customers took to social media to vent their frustrations.

Some of them had preordered the console back in September hoping it would come in time to be given as a Christmas present.

The disappointing email reportedly sent to some customers on Monday at 5pm GMT.

It said: “We’re contacting you with an update regarding your order of Xbox Series X.

I know it’s unimportant, and I don’t even NEED the Xbox Series X, much less need it tomorrow, but if I pay for something, I expect to get it when I’m told I’ll get it. And @Amazon probably oversold it and that was irresponsible. And I am pretty close to just canceling the order.

— Robin Burks (@sunriserobin) November 9, 2020

Amazon is getting very aggressive with cancelling Xbox pre-orders…miss this email, say goodbye to your Xbox. pic.twitter.com/7AlkNL5W35

— Brad Sams (@bdsams) November 11, 2020

“At this time, we anticipate that you will receive your Xbox Series X by 12/31 or before.

“We are making every effort to get it to you as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience.”

That means some Amazon customers may receive their Xbox on December 31.

It’s not clear what has caused the delay or how many customers were affected but we have reached out to Amazon for comment.

Orders for the slightly cheaper Xbox Series S do not appear to have been affected.

The Xbox Series X has sold out almost everywhere and some people are even trying to sell the £449/$499 console on Ebay for thousands.

Amazon Help has been replying with this message to concerned Twitter users: “Due to high demand, consoles will ship as inventory continues to arrive throughout November and December.

“You’ll receive an e-mail notification when your order has shipped.

“You can track the latest shipment status of your order here: http://amzn.to/NAYourOrders.”

What is the Xbox Series X and S?

Here’s what you need to know…

The Xbox Series X and Series S are the latest consoles from Microsoft.

They’re the follow ups to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S respectively.

The Series X is all about power and performance, and is said to be so fast that it virtually eliminates loading times.

It’ll be capable of processing games in glorious 8K definition and render huge virtual worlds not seen in any console before it.

The Series S is a bit smaller and cheaper, with lower specs and no disc tray.

Gamers will have to download all of the titles they want instead of buying physical copies.

Both consoles launch November 10 worldwide.

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The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has just got an upgrade.

And, upcoming blockbuster Xbox exclusive game The Medium is on the verge of a ban in Australia.

Have you ordered an Xbox Series X? Let us know in the comments…

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