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Do you remember what Instagram looked like a decade ago? The app turns 10 TODAY

Do you remember what Instagram looked like a decade ago? The app turns 10 TODAY

INSTAGRAM turns 10 years old today and is bringing out some new features to celebrate.

This is great news for people who miss the original Instagram app icon as the platform is giving you a chance to change it back or choose a completely new one.

“It’s Instagram’s birthday today and we want to say a big thank you to everyone who uses Instagram around the world.”

A letter from Head of Instagram @mosseri ✨https://t.co/4RJwHYm86W pic.twitter.com/ihjCrD6wtk

— Instagram (@instagram) October 6, 2020

The Instagram blog announced: “It’s Instagram’s birthday today!

“We’re dropping some new features that we hope you’ll enjoy, but we also want to say a big thank-you to everyone who uses Instagram around the world.

“Every day you inspire us with how you push culture forward, creating trends that become mainstream.”

The new Instagram features should be avaliable on both Android and iOS devices once you update your Instagram app.

This was the first ever Instagram icon brought out on October 6 2010

The icon turned into a brown camera at the end of October 2010 and was updated to this slightly glossier version in 2011[/caption]

One of the most talked about new features is the ability to change what the app looks like on your home screen.

To change yours, update your Instagram, go to your profile and then click the three horizontal lines in the corner.

Getty Images – Getty

This is the Instagram icon many of us know today, it actually came out in 2016[/caption]

A menu you will pop up and you need to click “Settings”.

Then pull your finger down on the screen and hold until you see a party confetti explosion.

A new menu will pop up with all the different app icon options.

Choose your favourite, click okay and then return to your phone home screen and you’ll see that it’s changed.


These are all the new icons you can choose from[/caption]

Instagram also unveiled a new tool that lets you look back at all the Stories you’ve shared over the past three years.

Also announced Tuesday were “well-being updates” that aim to curb bullying and harassment in comments.

These include automatically hiding potentially offensive comments, and expanding “nudge warnings”.

Launched earlier this year, the AI-powered feature shows a pop-up when a user’s comment may be considered offensive.


Instagram has launched Stories Map, a map and calendar that shows the stories you’ve posted over the past three years[/caption]

It will now send an additional nudge when people repeatedly attempt to post offensive remarks.

“These new warnings let people take a moment to step back and reflect on their words and lay out the potential consequences should they proceed,” Instagram said.

Finally, the company also announced it was launching shopping on IGTV.

This will make it easier for people to see something they like and hit a button to buy it, and easier for creators to make a living on Instagram. 

The feature will be introduced to Reels – Instagram’s TikTok copycat that’s integrated into the main app – later this year.

Instagram – the key facts

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos
  • It was created back in October 2010 as an iPhone-exclusive app
  • A separate version for Android devices was released 18 months later
  • The app rose to popularity thanks to its filters system, which lets you quickly edit your photos with cool effects
  • When it first launched, users could only post square 1:1 ratio images, but that rule was changed in 2015
  • In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1billion in cash and stock
  • In 2018, some analysts believe the app is worth closer to $100billion
  • In October 2015, Instagram confirmed that more than 40billion photos had been uploaded to the app
  • And in 2018, Instagram revealed that more than a billion people were using the app every month

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In other news, Facebook is rolling out an Accounts Centre feature that further attempts to merge it with Instagram.

An incoming iOS 14 update is aiming to give Apple users 117 new emoji.

And, Instagram Stories have started to appear on Facebook without the need to manually transfer them.

What are your thoughts on Instagram? Let us know in the comments…

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