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Big Sur release date: Biggest Mac redesign in 20 YEARS out on Thursday with macOS 11

Big Sur release date: Biggest Mac redesign in 20 YEARS out on Thursday with macOS 11

APPLE has unveiled a major update coming to its MAC computers this week – and it’s going to be the biggest change in years.

We’ve got all the info on macOS 11 Big Sur that you need, including release date news and rumours, features, compatibility and more.


Apple’s macOS 11 Big Sur is the next big update for Mac computers[/caption]


Big Sur was showcased on Tuesday during a virtual event recorded at Apple Park in California[/caption]

Apple macOS Big Sur – what is macOS 11?

Apple regularly releases big updates to macOS – the software that powers Mac computers.

But 2020’s update is one of the biggest in years, because it makes so many changes.

It also marks the long-awaited leap from macOS 10/ macOS X to macOS 11, which launched way back in 2001.

The new version – unveiled at Apple’s “One More Thing” event on Tuesday – is called macOS Big Sur, and it’s got geeks seriously excited.

Apple macOS Big Sur release date – when is macOS 11 out?


The new Big Sur update introduces a brand new design[/caption]


Apple boss Tim Cook spoke during Tuesday’s virtual event[/caption]

Apple unveiled macOS 11 Big Sur at its annual WWDC event earlier this year, and gave additional details during a virtual event on November 10.

The California company said the update will roll out on Thursday, November 12.

It’s worth also noting that Big Sur comes as a completely free upgrade – just like iOS.

Apple macOS Big Sur compatibility – which Macs support macOS 11?


Apple Maps is getting major changes in Big Sur[/caption]

Apple has already revealed the list of device that will get the macOS Big Sur upgrade.

 Here’s what you’ll need:

  • MacBook models from early 2015 or later
  • MacBook Air models from 2013 or later
  • MacBook Pro models from 2013 or later
  • Mac mini models from 2014 or later
  • iMac models from 2014 or later
  • iMac Pro (all models)
  • Mac Pro models from 2013 or later

If you’ve got an older Mac model then you simply won’t be able to upgrade to Big Sur. Sorry!

Apple macOS Big Sur features – what’s new in macOS 11?


Messages has new effects and group chat features[/caption]

Apple’s main focus during its “One More Thing” event was speed.

Big Sur is its fastest MacOS to date, and it speeds up some of Apple’s most popular apps, including Safari.

The browser is now twice as responsive, and 1.5 times faster at running javascript.

There’s also a major design overhaul incoming, which Apple is calling the biggest since macOS 10.

“Big Sur introduces bold new design and powerful upgrades of apps like Safari and Messages,” Apple software boss Craig Federighi said.

Your Mac now instantly wakes from sleep – just like the new iPhones – and launching apps is “almost instantaneous”, Craig said.


The Big Sur update will come to both laptop and desktop Mac computers[/caption]

A new “advanced power management” system helps your MacBook battery last a little longer.

The system intelligently optimises how much computing power your PC uses for lightweight or heavy tasks to improve battery life.

Apple has also bolstered security, adding automatic encryption for all of the files stored on your PC.

Craig said Big Sur, combined with Apple’s new M1 computer chip, will provide “the most advanced security of any personal computer”.

Another headline feature is an improved ability to run apps.

Your Mac can now run iPhone and iPad apps and games, right from the desktop.

Apple discussed the biggest design changes coming to Big Sur earlier this year.


Launching apps is now ‘almost instantaneous’, Apple said[/caption]

“MacOS Big Sur delivers a spacious new design that makes navigation easier, while putting more controls at users’ fingertips” the firm said.

“Everything from the curvature of window corners to the palette of colours and materials has been refined, and new features provide even more information and power.

“Icons in the Dock have been thoughtfully designed to be more consistent with icons across the Apple ecosystem while retaining their Mac personality.

“Buttons and controls appear when needed, and recede when they’re not.

“The entire experience feels more focused, fresh, and familiar, reducing visual complexity and bringing users’ content front and centre.”

There’s an all-new Control Centre, Notification Centre, and a new design for the core Apple apps.


Apple says this is the biggest Mac redesign in years[/caption]

Safari has received a big upgrade with faster performance and improved battery life for MacBooks.

Apple reckons Safari will now load frequently visited sites 50 per cent faster than Google’s Chrome browser.

Messages has been redesigned with pinned conversations, additional effects, and new group messaging features.

The iPhone’s redesigned Apple Maps is also coming to Mac, with new features like Guides, 360-degree Look Around view, and some indoor maps for places like airports and shopping centres.

And Apple says there are some important privacy changes too, including revealing the types of data apps collect before you download them.

It’ll also flag if that data is shared with third parties for tracking.


There are enhanced security features in the new Big Sur update[/caption]

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