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Apple reveals NEW 3rd Generation AirPods with longer battery life and Spatial Audio

Apple reveals NEW 3rd Generation AirPods with longer battery life and Spatial Audio

APPLE has revealed new and improved AirPods at its latest event.

The new earbuds have a longer battery life and Spatial Audio for a better listening experience.


Apple has revealed new and improved AirPods[/caption]

Apple promised more control of your music and phone calls will improved sensors.

It said the 3rd Generation AirPods can provide a powerful base and “crisp, clean, high frequencies”.

The AirPods are sweat and water resistant.

They’ve also got a new contour design that delivers sound directly to your ears.

Sound should be customised for you in real time so you can listen to music as it was intended to be heard.

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There’s also a one touch setup, which will automatically pair your AirPods to other devices.

Battery life has increased to six hours.

The case will give you an additional four full charges.

MagSafe and wireless charging have been added to the case.

You can order the new AirPods today and they will be avaliable next week.

They’re price at $179.

What is Spatial Audio?

Spatial Audio is what Apple calls its AirPods’ immersive sound feature.

It works by using sensors and directional audio to track where your head is in relation to the device you’re listening to the content on.

It essentially creates an immersive sound experience.

This is good when you’re watching a film or TV as you can sense the direction of the sound as if you were in the film or TV series yourself.

To take advantage of Spatial Audio on AirPods when watching TV you’ll need to watch content from a platform which supports it.

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