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HomeTechApple AirPods Pro down to just £205 at Laptops Direct – saving £44

Apple AirPods Pro down to just £205 at Laptops Direct – saving £44

Apple AirPods Pro down to just £205 at Laptops Direct – saving £44

EARBUDS are here to stay, and Apple’s AirPods are the most easily recognisable.

The Airpods Pro are a more expensive option, but they’re currently cheaper at Laptops Direct.

You can save £44 on the Airpods Pro at Laptops Direct

The retailer had the earbuds down to £219 last month, but the new price is even cheaper.

Of course it’s not unusual for tech to lower in price the longer it’s available, but the Airpods Pro are creeping closer to £200.

  • Apple Airpods Pro, £205 (save £44) at Laptops Direct – buy here

They’re the best option of the two Apple models if budget allows, and the new price is a sizeable discount.

Still priced at £249 on the official Apple Store, that means you can get them for £44 less.

The Bluetooth earbuds come with a wireless charging case

Laptops Direct’s £205 is the cheapest price we can see for the Pros anywhere, and almost the cheapest they’ve ever been.

Previously the lowest was £204.50 on Amazon – according to price tracking website Camelcamelcamel – so Laptops Direct’s price is just 50p more expensive.

It’s the cheapest around right now though, as the Airpods Pro are now £209 on Amazon.

Even better, Laptops Direct offers free shipping to most of the UK: so the price could be £205, delivered.

If you’re not sure whether to opt for the Pro model over the cheaper Airpods, there are some key differences.

Both come with the ubiquitous wireless charging case, but Airpods Pros have three key benefits.

Firstly, they are sweat and water-resistant, so offer a better option for gym-goers.

The Pros also include active noise-cancelling (ACN) for isolating music or calls from background noise.

And lastly, they also include varied sizes of silicone ear tips for improved comfort options.

That may not be news if you’re already in the market for a pair, but hopefully the new lower price is – and can help you save even more.

  • Apple Airpods Pro, £205 (save £44) at Laptops Direct – buy here

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.



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