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More than half of Brits say they can’t afford pricy heat pumps to replace boilers

More than half of Brits say they can’t afford pricy heat pumps to replace boilers

MORE than half of Brits say they cannot afford heat pumps – in a major blow to the government’s war on boilers. 

Gloomy polling found that many consumers are concerned that No10’s eco drive will whack them in the pocket.

New research warns that people are worried about the cost of heat pumps – which are set to replace millions of boilers

 A survey of consumers found they support moves to tackle climate change, but 80 per cent said a heat pump was too costly, and more than half can’t afford one.

Only a quarter said they would make the swap with financial cash help, and just a third said they would only be prepared to pay the same price as a gas boiler is now.

Four in ten said they would expect a grant for the full amount rather than cough up from their own pockets.

Ministers have plans to introduce a £4,000 clean heat grant from next year, and there are already some in place for home-owners.

And as more are made in Britain the price is set to come down in time.

Mike Foster, Chief Executive at the EUA, said last night: “The British public wants to ‘do their bit’ to deal with climate change, but the potential cost of the heat pumps to replace boilers is regarded as excessive. 

“Unless there is a rethink the government risks a consumer backlash that will have a major impact on our ability to hit the UK’s climate change targets.”

Meanwhile, over 20 businesses, green groups energy suppliers and poverty groups today demanded ministers introduce a ‘Fair Heat Deal’ to make moving to boilers attractive for everyone.

Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, the End Fuel Poverty Coalition and a string of other groups have joined forces to call for a new voucher scheme to help people to afford heat pumps and other green products.

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And they say grants should cover the whole cost for low-income Brits.

Think tank E3G’s Juliet Phillips, who coordinated the call said last night: ” If done right the UK can lead the world in reducing carbon emissions from heat while slashing energy bills, boosting the economy and protecting the fuel poor.”