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Christmas tree shops & stalls can REOPEN for sales after Matt Hancock tweaks law

Christmas tree shops & stalls can REOPEN for sales after Matt Hancock tweaks law

CHRISTMAS tree farms and stalls can reopen after Matt Hancock tweaked the coronavirus laws to try and spread some holiday cheer.

The fresh amendment means Brits will be able to get their hands on a tree – even if they have been warned not to hug their loved ones on Christmas.

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Duncan McGlynn

Tweaks to the coronavirus laws mean Christmas tree farms and shops can reopen[/caption]

London News Pictures

Matt Hancock tweaked the laws to spread holiday cheer[/caption]

The new law says the lockdown rules forcing businesses to close in the lockdown will not apply to farms and shops taht sell Christmas trees.

Garden centres have always been allowed to stay open, meaning some flower shops have already started selling Christmas trees.

But it comes after some dreary advice from the Health Secretary warning people even if they can see their families they won’t be allowed to hug.

Speaking to Times Radio today, Mr Hancock stressed it was critical people follow social distancing rules at Christmas.

He said: “What we want to have is a set of rules that is, if at all possible, consistent across the four nations of the UK, not least because so many people travel to see their family at Christmas time, but also respects the fact that we must follow social distancing to keep the virus under control.

“I’ve got no doubt that people will continue to respect social distancing throughout, because we know that that is so important for full control of the virus.”

Hopes for having family members around the dinner table were buoyed up by Mr Hancock’s promise ministers were trying to ensure people could have “Christmas joy” after a “terrible year”.

No10 has been adamant they are trying to agree the best way people can celebrate a Christmas “as close to normal as possible”.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Mr Hancock said: “We do hope over Christmas to agree a set of rules across the UK, because so many people travel around the UK, and that work is ongoing.”

“Christmas is a special time of year and we’ve had such a difficult year in 2020 – it has been such a terrible year and having some hope, some joy at Christmas, I know that would be welcomed by so many people.”

Mr Hancock warned there will “have to be rules” in order to keep everyone safe while still fulfilling families “yearning to see their loved ones and have some of that joy that Christmas brings”.

Leaders of devolved administrations have been trying to hash out plans for a UK-wide approach to Christmas.

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford said today there were “no sticking points” or “disagreements” in meetings between Westminster ministers and leaders from Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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