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Boris Johnson tells kids biggest threat they face is being out of school NOT coronavirus

Boris Johnson tells kids biggest threat they face is being out of school NOT coronavirus

BORIS Johnson has told kids today the biggest threat to them is being out of school NOT coronavirus.

The PM said there is nothing more “invaluable” than children being back behind desks and learning face to face again, as kids prepare to return to school in England next week.

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The PM said being in school is an “irreplaceable” and “invaluable” experience for kids[/caption]

Boris said the biggest threat to kids was being out of school – not coronavirus

Boris visited Castle Rock school in Coalville this morning as kids returned in parts of Leicestershire.

In an address to students to reassure them of the safety of the classroom, the PM said: “It is now 159 days since this school closed as a result of a global pandemic to the vast majority of its pupils.

“The risk to your health is not from Covid – because after all statistically speaking, your chances of suffering from that disease are very, very low.

“The greatest risk you face now is of continuing to be out of school.”

Mr Johnson drove home the importance of having a teacher helping kids understand concepts in class, saying it is like having a “light go on” and the “clouds lifting”.

He said: “That moment is absolutely irreplaceable, it’s invaluable, and it can only happen in school.”

The PM is ramping up his back to school campaign to reassure pupils and parents it’s safe to come back in from next week.

Schools in Scotland and Northern Ireland are already back.

It came as:

Times Newspapers Ltd

The PM was visiting a school in Leicestershire today[/caption]

The PM’s latest speech pushing the safety and importance of having kids back in classrooms comes after a massive U-turn on face masks.

Last night it was revealed that kids in secondary schools in local lockdown areas will have to wear masks in communal areas such as corridors.

Local heads can have the final say for schools outside of hospot areas of the country.

But the announcement came only 24 hours after No10 vowed masks would NOT be made mandatory – causing yet more chaos and confusion.

In response to questions about the latest policy blunder, the PM said today: “On the issue of face coverings what you have is the World Health Organisation saying face coverings should be used by over 12s.

“We are saying if you’re in a school with a hotspot then it probably does make sense in confined areas outside the classroom to use the face covering.”

But the PM said wearing masks in classrooms was “clearly nonsensical” – strongly suggesting the guidance won’t be changed again.

He said: “You can’t teach with face coverings and you can’t expect people to learn with face coverings.”

Earlier today Tory MPs lashed out at the changes and demanded the PM get a grip on the Government.

The latest policy blunder has been blasted as a “s**tshow” and “absolute shambles” by Tories.

One furious Tory MP told The Sun: “My God, what a bloody shambles. You cannot make these changes five minutes before schools reopen. It is yet another mess- up by this department of mess-ups.”

Another senior Conservative MP told The Times that they were “disgusted and disappointed” by the latest announcement. “It’s an utter, utter sh*tshow,” the MP said.

“It’s mess after mess, U-turn after U-turn.”

Conservative MP for Bexhill and Battle, Huw Merriman told BBC Radio 4 this morning: “I think the Government needs to get a grip of our scientists.

“I’m sick and tired, and I think many people in the public are sick and tired, the science just changes.

“So that’s fine and then we say, ‘we’re listening to the science’, but why was the science saying something completely different beforehand?”

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Britain’s top scientists have also been part of the effort to assure parents their children will be safe in schools.

Professor Chris Whitty and chief medical officers from all four nations published a statement over the weekend saying there was only a “very small” risk to children.

And deputy chief medical officer for England Dr Jenny Harries said earlier this week there was a greater risk of being in a traffic accident than from coronavirus to students.