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Boris Johnson set to ban Chinese giant Huawei from UK – but faces backlash over taking seven YEARS

Boris Johnson set to ban Chinese giant Huawei from UK – but faces backlash over taking seven YEARS

BORIS Johnson is set to today ban the Chinese tech giant Huawei from the UK- but faces a backlash over it taking seven years.

The Prime Minister will this morning meet with the National Security Council who are expected to agree that new Huawei equipment will be banned from next year.

Boris will today wave goodbye to the Huawei deal
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Mr Johnson will announce the U-turn on using the firm’s technology while building the UK’s 5G network today, while also speeding up work to remove Huawei’s presence in existing infrastructure which has been around for 20 years.

However, he is now facing a furious backlash after it emerged the Chinese company’s technology will not be completely gone from the 5G network until 2027.

In a letter to Mr Johnson, ten Tory MPs bashed the “unreasonable delay”. 

They said: “We do not believe it is possible for the UK to have both secure networks and a role for Huawei within them. 

“It remains the case that, under China’s national intelligence law, Huawei is obliged to co-operate with Chinese intelligence and to deny that it does so. The nature of Chinese law is such that Huawei is — to all intents and purposes — a state-owned enterprise.

“In addition, we have learnt much more about how the People’s Republic of China treats its own people. In the last month alone, the world has been confronted with shocking new evidence of systematic human rights abuses by the Chinese Communist Party. These include a birth suppression programme directed against Uighur Muslims by the authorities.”

“Knowing how lightly China takes the assurances it has given, many colleagues are even more uncomfortable about a role for Huawei in our networks.

“Given that, we fervently hope you will end Huawei’s ability to supply the UK’s critical national infrastructure.”

The MPs include former party leader Iain Duncan Smith, ex-cabinet minister David Davis and Bob Seely.

Mr Seely also warned that the government would face a backlash if the deadline was pushed back until the end of the decade.

He said: “If there isn’t a date after which telecoms companies cannot install Huawei kit, parliamentarians will be concerned that Huawei and China could continue to insert kit whilst lobbying hard to reverse government decisions.”

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden will announce the move in a statement this lunchtime.

The Government announced in January that Huwaei would be limited to the core of the 5G network and just 35 per cent market share of the other parts.

This morning Lord Browne of Madingley stepped down early as the UK chairman of Huawei Technologies ahead of the ban.

Yesterday BT chief Philip Jansen warned of possible “outages” if they are ordered to remove all Huawei products which help run 3G and 4G networks over security risks.

He said: “I think that’s impossible to do in under ten years.”

US sanctions mean Huawei cannot use American components, which will mean the firm would have to use untrusted technology.

Donald Trump’s man in London also warned that allowing the Chinese tech giant to build parts of Britain’s 5G network would be like “putting a kleptomaniac” into your house.

US Ambassador Woody Johnson used the analogy to raise the stakes in the ongoing transatlantic row over the role of Huawei.

Last year America even threatened to stop sharing top-secret intelligence with Britain if it allows Huawei to build its 5G mobile phone network.

Huawei has always denied that it poses any security risk and insists that it is a private company free from Chinese state control.

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