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Adults of any age to be able to get 4 year student loans to retrain or do a degree

Adults of any age to be able to get 4 year student loans to retrain or do a degree

ADULTS of any age will be able to get four years of student loans to retrain and go to college or do a degree, new laws revealed today confirm.

Ministers will outline new plans for a fresh student finance system to transform the current loans system.

Graduates will be able to monitor their student loans and debts online next year
Adults will be able to get access to loans they can use throughout their lives

It will give every adult access to a flexible loan so they can go into higher education.

That can mean university or college, and can be used at any point in life.

It will also be used flexibly across people’s lives, it can be full or part time, and for high quality technical qualification and academic education.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said last night: “These new laws are the rocket fuel that we need to level up this country and ensure equal opportunities for all. We know that having the right skills and training is the route to better, well-paid jobs. 

“I’m revolutionising the system so we can move past the outdated notion that there is only one route up the career ladder, and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to retrain or upskill at any point in their lives.”

It will come as part of the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill, which has been revealed in today’s Queen’s Speech.

Other plans today also confirmed:

  • A new online harms bill to keep kids safe online and slam Facebook and Google if they break the rules
  • Extra cash for the army
  • Fresh plans for a post-Covid crackdown on obesity
  • Extra help to buy homes with a planning bill to rip up red tape
  • Protecting animals’ feelings in law – with proposals to force cats to get microchipped and new legislation to meet eco goals
  • Ripping up the Fixed Term Parliaments Act so the PM of the day can call an election when they want
  • Fresh plans for voters to take ID to the polls in future
  • A new NHS bill to reform and update the health system
  • Immigration laws to stop people crossing the channel in small boats
  • New measures to crack down on foreign spies

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